Our virtual viewings allow potential buyers and tenants to immerse themselves in your home from the comfort of theirs.

Borne out of the pandemic, Virtual Viewings have remained a popular part of our viewings procedure. In-person tours are time consuming for everyone involved, therefore we prioritise ensuring only proceedable and serious viewers come to view your home. Not only does this save time and hassle for the homeowner, it enables property searchers to find out more about your home at the touch of a button.

How do Virtual Viewings work?

  1. Use the Gavl widget above to register your details and property search requirements to get ongoing updates on properties before they come to the open market.
  2. Search for suitable properties, and register for the scheduled live stream viewing. You can watch the live stream either on our website or the Gavl app.
  3. Whilst watching the livestream from any device, you will be able to ask the agent questions throughout the viewing.
  4. Once the viewing has finished, if you would like to proceed on to a physical viewing, you can easily contact one of our team to arrange a good time.

What are the benefits of Virtual Viewings?

For Sellers

Virtual viewings cut down on the need for multiple in-person viewings, with only the most interested and proceedable buyers coming to view your property. This also helps to reduce the time that your property sits on the market whilst also reaching a wider audience, helping to achieve the best selling price in a shorter time.

For Buyers

Virtual viewings offer you convenience and flexibility when viewing a property. You can take a first in-depth look at a property from wherever you are, meaning you only have to view the properties that you are most interested in. The virtual viewings are conducted by one of our experienced agents, giving you the opportunity to easily enquire in more detail about the property.

For tenants

With rental properties often not staying on the market for long, often you can find yourself needing to cancel last minute plans to try to organise a viewing ASAP. However with a virtual viewing, you do not need to leave home or work to physically be at the viewing. Additionally, if you can’t make the scheduled viewing, you can watch the replay in your own time.