There are many different motivations for becoming a landlord. We have considerable experience in the rental sector, and once again, we tailor our services to meet your circumstances.

We also believe in honesty and transparency and will never put mark ups or hidden administration fees on any contractor works carried out or target our Property Managers to raise revenue in this format, meaning you’ll never get unnecessary bills from us.  We find the tradespeople that we work with to be more responsive to us as we build relationships, they are keen to work with us as a business that values them.

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Professional Marketing

Virtual tours, floorplans and professional photos improve the marketing and enable us to get the best returns, and encourage landlords to review other adverts online and compare them to ours.  Which home would you rather rent?


Better Returns

We don’t hide administrative fees or mark ups, which means we will never be eager to commission unnecessary works on your behalf.  We’ve always believed a fully managed service to be just that and not a license to print money from your investment.  A lot of agencies target their property managers on extra revenue raised, encouraging extra works at premium prices.


Regular Checks

We offer regular inspections, with the first within 3 months of a tenant entry.  Whilst we vet tenants carefully, it is crucial to ensure that we follow up quickly to ensure your asset is being well maintained.  Most agencies check at the 12 month period.  Just imagine what can go on in that timeframe without a regular check to ensure that your asset is cared for.

Lettings Pricing

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Regular Landlord Masterclasses and Events

Paul regularly collaborates with local experts such as property tax accountants and financial advisers to discuss all there is to know about being a Landlord; whether for the first time or as a seasoned professional. 

With qualified tax planners and financial advisers in the team, a lot of our landlords appreciate the straight talking advice as to developing their portfolios.


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