26 May 2022
With interest rates on the rise and inflation at a 30-year high, we are regularly asked about whether a crash is round the corner. We think the opposite may be the case for the following reasons: Read more
01 March 2022
When buying a freehold property, you will own the building and the land, whereas when buying a leasehold property, you only own the building, not the land that it is built upon. Read more
23 February 2022
Finding a property you like is just the start of a long, and sometimes stressful moving process. Our 14 step guide will walk you through what to expect when buying a property. Read more
01 December 2021
September 2021 was the third busiest month for property sales across the UK since records began in 2005 (HMRC). It is estimated close to 161,000 sales took place, compared to 199,000 in June 2021 and… Read more
26 October 2021
As with many industries that have predominantly moved online, the rental sector has seen a rise in scams and attempted fraud, heightened by the pandemic. Rental fraud is defined by Action Fraud as a… Read more
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07 September 2021
The Help to Buy Equity Loan Scheme was introduced to help people with lower deposits to enter the property market for the first time, by providing a 20% equity loan that was interest-free for the… Read more
04 January 2021
2020 surprised us all with property prices ending the year mostly in positive territory. Zoopla figures showed that November 2020 saw the highest average annual increase of 3.9%. Given the pandemic,… Read more